You Need To See What Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Looks Like and She Is Gorgeous




via: YouTube

Well, his daughter Hailie Scott Mathers, who was the subject of most of his songs throughout the late ’90s and early ’00s, actually is older now — twenty-one years old, to be exact, in case you want to feel old.


In more recent years however, the rapper hasn’t mentioned his daughter as often. As Hailie’s grown up, she’s maintained a pretty low profile, which is understandable when you think about the scrutiny the children of celebrities are under.

Hailie Jade Scott, who was the subject of several of Eminem’s songs, is now 21 years old and looks like your not-so-average gorgeous college student. While she doesn’t post to social media often, a glimpse at her Instagram shows that she isn’t afraid to show off bold looks when she does choose to share pics.

So what is she up to today?

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