Valentine’s Day outfits for working ladies with short time to get ready




Valentine day is the most popular and favorable after Christmas. Planning your outfit for this day is such a lively mission to carry out.  For this year, and for pretty working ladies, Valentine is a working day. A big challenge! It means that you may not have enough time to leave work, go home and be ready with a glorious night dress. Your valentine’s out fit for this year has to be a straight evening wear. So that you have to be ready to whatever surprise your man may come up with, How to manage the transition of a working day outfit to an elegant night wear is your challenge this year. Is it possible?  Surly!

Here are some creative ideas for elegant working ladies outfit that will make you ready enough to celebrate love in the big day.

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Chiffon pleats and ruffles

A girly, feminine look is exactly what you are looking for in such a special day.  Your outfit for Valentine’s Day this year may simply yet elegantly consists of girly ruffles blouse and chiffon pleats skirt. It is a casual yet date-worthy look! With some chic accessories, this outfit will ensure you a simple yet very elegant look.

Classic soft dress with silk ribbons

All business ladies surely have at least one dress of this classic style in their wardrobes. It is a classic workwear, but It also makes a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit and beyond! The silk ribbons will add a special soft romantic and dressy touch to it.

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Wrap dresses

A wrap dress is an essential piece in each working lady wardrobe that is because it makes a perfect piece for many working occasions! It is perfect for the office meetings, for a formal business dinner, and even for the club after work. So, if you are looking for a perfect dressy idea for your day out, a wrap dress is what you are looking for.

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Classic suit with Feminine Details

If you do not prefer those girly styles of dresses and skirts, you really ought not to wear them! Your classic pants with a feminine blouse or peplum of feminine style would be perfect for your night out. Accessories with feminine touch will add more glorious look to your classic outfit.

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Red Accessories

Another simple idea to your day to night Valentines outfit is Red Accessories. Your classic work outfit would make a dressy night outfit by a plus sparkle of red accessories. Pick your favorite bag, shoes, jewelry in glorious shades of red and pink, and of course, a bold red lip. Now, you are ready for your date out.

This year, & especially for working girls, Valentine’s Day will be a long day out, so, “dressy yet comfort” has to be your slogan this year! A classic outfit with polished look makes an excellent idea. Shades of red and pink will highlight your outfit with the romantic touch you are looking for

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