How to obtain Healthy Green Home with Six Simple Things ?




We all think about the recent trends to decorate our homes, and to make them the best places to live and enjoy life. However, deeper concepts have to be considered to turn our rooms to be healthier and protected. Here after we will show few tips in how to maintain healthy green home for your entire family.

Tip 1:- For a perfect green home, smoking is not allowed… Yes, the first to consider if you want your home to be healthy is to prevent smoke at home. Simply smoking is the basic cause for indoor air pollution, which spread to every space in your rooms. The toxic chemicals in cigarettes can simply cause cancer to the second hand smoke exposure, so it`s not only about the person who smoke.




Tip 2:-  Indoors plants are essential … Grow plants to protect your home from harmful pollution. Plants are natural filters and effective absorbs for all kinds of harmful pollutant, including those raise up from carpets, furniture and electronic equipment. If you look for clean indoor air, lets fill any space in your home with plants such as Spider plants, Boston ferns and rubber plants.




Tip 3:- Use non-toxic cleaners… Select the eco-friendly alternatives instead of using chemical cleaners, which pollute the environment as well as causing several health issues. If you couldn`t find such cleaners close to your home, so why not to make your own? It`s simple!! Use baking soda as a cheap, and multiuse cleaner, polisher and fungicide. Also, you can start to try the circus and natural disinfectants for floors , and the white vinegar for ultimate toilet bowl cleaning.




Tip 4:- Use microfiber cloths for cleaning… Stop using other cleaners and switch to micro fiber cloth t clean your home naturally. Fabric cloth are designed to clean almost all surfaces by attracting dirt thorough their own positive charge. When dry use them to clean glass, stainless steel, wood and other surfaces, and you can reuse them again and again.




Tip 5:- Use water wisely…  due to the fact that water evaporate more slowly in cold weather, we advise to stop water your garden in hot hours, instead you can do that in the cold hours in the early morning or in the evening. Also, to water garden we can always use the gray water which comes from washing machines or showering, if its only include biodegradable soaps.



Tip 6:- Use LED and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)… They are the best green lighting option for your home as well as producing much less heat. They both cost more while buying, but in the same time they offer huge energy savings over regular incandescent bulbs, and last significantly longer than traditional light bulbs, so we can consider them as cost saving options on  the long term.


These were few tips to maintain green home easily by each family, to maintain their own health and contribute to the overall  earth well-being.