Delicious Alternatives to Your Caffeine fix!

Written by Denise B.


You know, it’s been one of those nights of tossing and turning, you just can’t get to sleep. So when you finally drag yourself out of bed you trudge to the kitchen for a hot drink to perk you up.

Coffee is the usual drink of choice, right?

But did you know that these coffee alternatives can be used for a variety of problems and they all taste great!

Green tea

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Green tea not only tastes great but also a compound in green tea known as theanine is known to combat anxiety.
Whether it’s a stressful day at the office or you’re reading up for a big exam,
green tea might be the way to go to help calm those jitters.



Peppermint is a digestion aid that’s been used for centuries.
It’s a natural anti- spasmodic and it tastes great! It’s a natural way to fight the bloat.
And is great for those post indulgent days.


Raspberry tea


Raspberry tea is an unlikely turn to for that time of the month. Raspberry tea is full of compounds that help fight inflammation.
A glass of raspberry tea is great to relieve the cramping and bloating of your period.

Chai tea


Chai tea, much like peppermint and raspberry it’s digestive aid and
anti-inflammatory make it the perfect low caffeine pic-me-up!
With extra immune boosting properties.


Ginger tea

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Ginger tea has similar benefits to peppermint and raspberry but with a sharper taste.
Used throughout Asia for its immune helping properties,
it might be great when that guy across the office keeps sneezing worryingly.

A caffeine alternative might not only aid your sleeping patterns but give you other more specific help.
Why not give them a try?