Answers for most common questions about womenswear




Women are always short of clothes. Even when our wardrobes are stuffed with clothes and our shoe racks are brimming with stilettos and pumps, we are unable to put together a perfect attire. That’s because women are inherently fashionable and possess a deep sense of aesthetics. While these are good traits to have, they also make women confused when it comes to what to wear.

To help our women readers, we approached experts to seek answers to some of the most common questions about womenswear.


Question 1: Is sheer back here to stay?


From Kate Middleton to Kate Hudson, almost every celebrity has endorsed this trend. And, we guarantee that this trend is here to stay. Sheer dresses make you look contemporary and feminine. The trick is to buy a cut that suits your body shape. If you are blessed with long legs, you can carry any silhouette. However, if you are pudgy and short, invest in knee-length clothes as they make you look taller.


Question 2: What kind of jeans do I need to buy?


Well, a pair of jeans is a must have. While a pair of ripped jeans will instantly add a dash of sexiness, skinny jeans will give you height. The kind of jeans you need to buy will depend on your body shape. If you have a noticeable paunch, do not pick up a high-rise pair. Invest in moderate rise. If you have an hour glass figure, buy a pair of slim-cut jeans. If you are tall, buy a pair of boot cuts — they are the trendiest thing this season.


Question 3: Can I escape those pencil heels?


Yes, you can. While we will still suggest you to stuff your wardrobe with a good pair of black pumps because they go with everything, we will not judge you if you take the more comfortable root. As it is, wedges and platform heels are making it big this season and flats and kitten heels have made a comeback too.




Question 4: Which colours will suit me?


To start with, you can wear whatever colour you want. It’s not the colour, but how you carry it that makes all the difference. However, if you insist, we will give some tips. People with fairer skin should wear deep solid colours like black, burgundy and blue. People with warm complexion should wear more neutrals.

If you are dark, your skin and personality will be best highlighted by vibrant colours like yellow and green.



Question 5: What are the must-haves for a woman?

A blue jeans and a basic white shirt will instantly glam you up on a casual day out. For formal meetings, always keep a black suit ready. Though some women like to wear skirt suits, our vote goes to pants as they are not only in vogue, they also make you look powerful. Everybody knows the value of a little black dress — we won’t bug you about it. Our advice is just one — invest in a timeless classic bag. We assure you it will be the best fashion investment you will ever make.

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Dressing right is very important. Be it for a day to office or an event as important as an auction, a woman should always put her best foot forward.