Stylish Freak is a magazine weblog that strives to cater to the everyday needs of its women readers. While we aim to cover a variety of categories, our expertise lies in fashion, entertainment, relationships, parenting, pets and lifestyle coverage. We aspire to produce features that will make your life a little easier. We also bring you tips and suggestions that revolve around your daily routine and existence. In short, Stylish Freak provides solution to your day-to-day troubles.

logo_stylishfreakkkk1FINALAWe are a bunch of talented people with varied preoccupations and goals. However, what unites us is our commitment to producing quality and meaningful content that is capable of touching the lives of normal people. Our team consists of experts who specialize in specific fields and are passionate about doing what they do. We, as a team, are committed to giving you the very best — we bring you the word of the pundits.

If you are a fashion fanatic, you have come to the right place. Our blogs will help you make the transition from being a fashion novice to a fashion pro. From make-up and beauty to trends and styling, our experts are well-accomplished to advice you on almost everything related to fashion. However, Stylish freaks is not only for people interested in fashion and lifestyle, it is also a safe haven for new mothers and doting pet owners. You can come to us to offload your stress and tensions — we understand you have a lot on your plate to deal with. If you are a new mom, we will make every effort to make your world a little less frustrating by bringing you the word of the specialists. Likewise, on Stylish Freak, we also offer guidance on petting and pet coddling.

We assure you we will keep you entertained. We will also get to you, your daily dose of amusement and wisdom. At Stylish Freaks, our days our dedicated to pleasing our readers and are nights are dedicated to finding new ways to help them better.


Founder and Weblog Creator

Ramy Saad is the founder and creator of Stylish Freak. He has a Master’s degree in Architectural Design from Chalmers university, Gothenburg. That aside, he also gained immense expertise in Visualization, Art, Graphic Design, Fashion and Webdesign while studying at Yrkeshögskolan ( U.T.I department ). Through this weblog, Ramy aspires to create an interactive platform where readers can express their preferences freely — he aims to do this by creating a two-way communication channel between the readers and writers of Stylish Freak. Ramy has been entrusted with the gigantic responsibility of conceiving and managing technical and graphic aspects of this weblog. In simpler words, he is the man who oversees every aspect of this weblog.

Mohamed E. Elsayed
Stylish Freak Manager

Mohamed E. Elsayed is responsible for managing social media at large — he is the man who holds our communication cards. Mohamed has been blessed with the gift of gab and he hopes to use this gift to reach our audiences better. Other than social media, Mohamed also devotes his time to marketing and content. He makes significant contribution to our weblog not only by reaching our readers and liaising with them but by also regularly coming up with ideas that make Stylish Freak snazzy and interesting. If you would like to make a suggestion or express criticism, drop a line to Mohamed and he will revert as soon as he can.

Stylish Freak Writer

Anubha is a regular contributor to Stylish Freak. She has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of London. She is an avid reader and writer. In the past, she has contributed to many writing platforms — she mostly covered fashion, lifestyle and politics. With over seven years of experience in writing and editing, she has the expertise and experience required to produce features that will help our loyal readers.

Stylish Freak Writer

Amira Hashim is a marketer by profession. However, her passion for writing led her to join Stylish Freak as a writer. Amira worked for over seven years as a marketer before she eventually got bored of her work as a marketer. She, then, realized that writing was her calling. She fuelled and satiated her passion for writing by producing website content and promotional content for her clients before joining Stylish Freak as a writer. At Stylish Freak, Amira is not only exploring her love for the art of writing, she is also exploring her interests in fields like fashion, parenting and lifestyle.

Social media Coordinator

Asem is our social media expert who formulates and implements our social media strategy. He is the man who schedules our social media calendar and ensures our readers always have something new to read. Asem believes in details and quality — he spends his days and weeks looking for minutest of errors. In his world, there is no place for inaccuracies and flaws. Asem is driven by his passion to deliver nothing but the very best to the readers of Stylish Freak.

Fashion Editor

Rana Tawfik began her journey with Stylish Freak as a fashion editor and proofreader. She is responsible for delivering compelling and informative content. Her prowess lies in the field of fashion and beauty. Her alleviated sense of style and aesthetics along with her experience in performing arts and fashion design ensures that Stylish Freak comes with excellent pieces one after the other.

Mohamed Belal
Stylish Freak Editor

Mohamed Belal is the man who dawns many hats. He is that jack who has been managing many trades at Stylish Freak — he works as an editor, proofreader and consultant with us. That aside, he is also responsible for envisaging the quality of the content. He also ensures that the articles published on Stylish Freak are graphically attractive and he does this by finalizing on images to be included in each category and topic. Mohamed, in his capacity as the Stylish Freak Editor, is responsible for making our weblog spick and span.