8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts ideas that are easy to make



Show your love with special gift in this valentine`s Day. Handmade gifts are very recognizable either you make them for your partner, friends or your family. If you need  ideas on how to show your affection by a personalized Valentine’s Day Gift, then all what you need is to follow this article…


  1. Draw flour hearts simply for a romantic surprise.

Draw flour hearts everywhere. Use a cartoon card with a heart shape inside it, then fill it with flour to create the heart shape with flour in an amazing look.


Image credit : Apractical wedding.com



2. A jar of reasons .. Why I love you ??

This gift is suitable for everyone you love in your circle. Show the bright side you see, and write down why you really love them in small papers, then gather all inside well-designed jar. All that you need to execute this idea is an empty jar, a piece of paper, and a lot of thinking 🙂

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3- Homemade chocolate cupcakes

Create your own heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes, write down one single word on each. Actually it doesn’t require to be a good cooker in order to make this gift, as you can find a lot of great receipts online.

image credit : Thedagenaisdaily


4- Print a picture with a special photo frame

Nice memories can be used at valentine`s day. Check your old photos and select a special one, then go and print it in a professional way. Ask for a special photo frame for Valentine`s day, and you can find a lot of options waiting for you.

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5- Coloured love rocks

Nice looking colored love rocks can be a good gift idea. It’s very simple and all that you need is smooth stones, an empty heart shape.

It`s a perfect gift for your friends and colleagues. Also, you can use them to decorate your home or to put them in the sight of your partner.

image credit: Pinterest


6- Heart Beaded Beanie

Use Little crystals to draw hearts in a beanie is a simple way to show your love. This idea is not time-consuming and you can do it with little cost. All that you need is beads in a bottle and Beanie.

Draw heart shape, then follow the lines with beads till you fill out the entire shape.

image credit: ilovetocreateblog



7- Use Strawberries to make a special valentine’s day sweet dish by using heart shape to prepare a great look dish from Strawberries.

image credit: everythingetsy


8- Heart home décor

Use heart shape home decor in valentine`s day is a great surprised for your loved ones.

You can make this on your own easily using cartoon sheets. Cut down any hearts in different sizes, and then use the glow to fix them on the wall.

image credit: diytag

Finally, create a simple gift showing your love to others should be always expensive or a hard job. Use one of the above simple ways to create a simple yet attractive gifts to your beloved ones.


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