No men can ever imagine what kind of sacrifices we make to afford an expensive and stylish handbag!

We are living in an era where we’re spending more of our money for bags and shoes rather than vacations or cars. It is totally understandable for us, women – but for most of the men it’s not. But they don’t know that all of our clothes are redundant – it’s all about the bag we’re wearing with us!

Just because we love to spend our money on bags, today we chose to write about the fashion picks that are going to be trendy this spring. And when we say fashion picks, we mean about bags, of course! Start preparing yourself! We are going to list what are going to be the most fashionable bag and purse trends this spring!

1. Bucket Purses

cinch bags
Image via www.cuyana.com

Bucket purses have been getting very trendy lately. No matter where you are, or what time of the day, you can always wear a bucket purse. So brace yourself! This trend will be especially fashionable this spring!

alexander wang bucket bag
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cinch purses and bags
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fashionable purse
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2. Cross-shoulder Purses

cross-body bag
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Cross-body bags have been always famous among women, and we won’t forget to mention men as well. They are the easiest to carry – you just put it across your body and you are good to go! Brace yourselves ladies! This spring, the leather cross-shoulder bags are going to be a big thing!

Cross body bags
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cross-body bag
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3. Tote Bags

tote bags
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And who doesn’t love a classy tote bag? If you are a big purse lover, then we are sure you own more then ten different kinds of totes at your wardrobe! It is unavoidable to go to the shopping mall and get out without a new tote! But dear, that is going to work out good for you this spring!

tote bag design
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red tote bag
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