10 Foods Reduce Acne Breakout (And 10 Acne Trigger Foods Try To Avoid)




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Lots of researchers found out that diet could have a significant effect on Acne Breakouts.

In 2010 researchers made an article in the scientific journal Skin Therapy Letter on a study analysis.

Scientists found a strong response of outbreak Acne with Cow milk, As well high-glycemic diet and processed food.

Another study has been published in 2007 by Australian researchers found out that young men between 15 and 25 years old got a great result by switching to a Healthier diet.

10 Foods Not to Eat

Let now start explaining the 10 foods are not recommended to eat for Acne problem based on the studies been made:


1.  Junk Food

Causing hormonal fluctuations and blood sugar levels, the reason of that is it break down fast in your body and triggering the insulin causing raising blood sugar levels.


2. High-glycemic foods

same reasons as been mentioned above and glycemic food are many things we regularly been eating a lot this day like white rice, processed breakfast cereals, white bread, potato chips and cakes.